Monday, March 23, 2009

it's seven and i'm already wasted.

i'm on the verge of exploding right now.
there is one person in this world that i cannot stand and sometimes i wish i could cut off his tongue and throw him into a pool of sharks.
jay-z says "i've got 99 problems and a bitch ain't one of them", thank you.\
fucking C.R. calls me out in front of the whole class becuase i did a shitty job on my anticipatory set. get the fuck over it, sir. gaaaaaah.
and every attempt i make is futile. well it works, just to the wrong affect. i'm giving up tonight. i have work to do. but i'm going to go home and eat a lot of food and then watch secret life then sleep. and go from 7:30 to 12am straight again. that's like my favorite thing to do.
gah some people are so nice. but some people are so mean. what is my problem? i don't even care AT ALL. i just feel the need to let you in on these little situations. i need a myspace survey.
and my phone battery is about to die.
i'm being bombarded by some gay fags about doing shit i don't want to do.
my phone is about to die
i have to pick ash up.
at least i got out of class early.
more later.

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