Monday, March 2, 2009

my heart is the worst kind of weapon.

So, after listening to FOB's "My Heart Is the Worst Kind of Weapon" for the 50th time and severely annoying Ashleigh, I decided to give you a photoblog of boring pictures I took last week that I'm slightly fond of even though they're crappy. I love to pretend I can take pictures. Maybe one day when I get a nice camera they'll look a little better:

"spent most of last night dragging this lead over corpses of all my past mistakes"

"This is me wishing you into the worst situations"

"did you hear the news? i get to slit you and gut you on this stage; not as eloquent as i may have imagined but it will get the job done"

"every line is plotted and designed to leave you standing on your windows ledge"

That song just fills me with angst. Teen angst that I don't have. Secret Life is coming on soon. I really wish that Amy would just have her baby already. You'll keep it. I'm glad ABC Family went the anti-abortion route. I never knew how I really felt about that, by the way. And the other day I was just like "fuck, no. You can't kill your baby no matter what". Mostly due to the fact that I was reading about how feminists think that legal abortions put them on the same pedestal as men. How you might ask? I'm not sure, talk to a Feminist. I am certainly not one of them.

The amount of food I ate today was insane. I think I had upwards of 6 lunches. My mind stopped expanding because there is no room in my apartment for my ever increasing waist line.

Some things that never got as much credit as it (they) should have:

-Tyler Hilton.

-The color yellow.

-Caesar Dressing and Fried Rice.

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  1. ugh the fried rice and caesar dressing. lol. oh and i do like your pictures. if you care!