Friday, March 27, 2009

my mouth moves too fast for you to figure it out.

your words would go from text message to prose.

i looked at my old phone today. and for some reason i thought that after that 3 month hiatus that it would magically work again. let's see how my brain functions...
but it didn't. well i could still see everything, thankfully most of it was blurry.
and it's lent and here i will be in a few minutes eating a hamburger. i never would have realized unless ash said something. so i'm over it. i love god but i can't help my scattered brain. i don't like seafood so i'm slightly limited on my food choices. but the strange thing is, i usually only eat meat on friday...explain this.

so the other day i realized that life is short.
does this make me go out and live my life any better?
no i'm still same old.
i need to stop having these revelations. possibly i'm just too lazy to do anything about it. yes, i am too lazy to do anything about anything.

i was talking to denise last night about how unsympathetic i am. like when someone cries i could care less. and i don't know how to react, so please don't cry in front of me or i will stand there and maybe give you an awk pat on the back and that is all you'll receive. i remember one time this girl banged on my door and screamed for me to talk to her at like 2 in the morning. why she called upon me to be her shoulder, i'm not sure, but she did. so i sat on the floor with her crying in my lap. and i've never felt more awk for like two hours.
i don't like crying either. like i don't like to cry. for some reason i can't cry when i really need to and at appropriate times like when i'm alone. but it only comes out when i'm in front of other people. i guess it's just that vulnerability. but it's only happened once since 7th grade. i hate mrs. burtch, she was such a bitch.
anyway this is gay.
i think i passed my quiz today. like i got at least a 90% and i even missed a day. thank god for world war one being straight forward and easy to remember.
so everyone get twitter.
jamie and i have one.
clearly mine is kjlie77 and jamie's is her full name

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  1. ahhaha that would be a really awk situation. youre hilarious. and yes, woohoo promote our twitters!!