Tuesday, March 24, 2009

now you've gone and got all your make-up on and you're not coming back.

well if i've ever had a more pointless day...it was today. i might as well have sat at home and ate bagels. i just made dinner for 8, but for myself.
the season finale of secret life was on last night. i though ricky was going to steal the baby at the end for a minute there. *spoiler* she named the baby john. really? i mean i like that name but there are so many better ones out there aka holden.
well anyway-my day:
i woke up and got ready as normal. i thought i was going to be late so i didn't print out my paper that was due for this class. i wasn't late and all we did was have our TA give a presentation on her trip to Japan. so that was a waste of life. then i was sitting in class and realized that i didn't save my bibliography on my usb so i had to drive home to get it. i got gas too. then i was late for my tech class. but did it matter? no. did we do anything productive in that class? no. he showed us how to link slides in power point. aka i already knew how to do that. again, pointless. then psych is always pointless. then in writing history we just looked at our bib's. so when that was over i went to forever 21 and bought a shirt for 2.99. now i'm home. i just made dinner and i have to be back at school at 615. i really wish someone would just shoot me. i can't wait til tomorrow i get the results of my tb test back even though i can tell i don't have it because there is no bubbling on my arm.
so i was thinking today about how music affects your mood. for example when i listen to mayday parade i'm usually in a good mood. but today i listened to the same song the entire day. from 730-4 and i'm still listening to it. but it's all mopey and depressing. well there are only 4 lines and she just repeats it. maybe the repetition makes you in a bad mood.

"anthems of a seventeen year old girl"
- broken social scene


  1. Anonymous8:44 PM

    $2.99! so jealous. :)

  2. lol. wow
    where are u getting all this extra money dudette?! jk i bought twilight on dvd for 17, and then a 12 dollar cd on itunes. its the new this providence one...dont know if u like them much but yeah.