Thursday, March 19, 2009

paper rock stars.

so i have this little addiction and it's called "online accounts".
i prob have like 30 of them.
but now i have flickr
and it is:

they're just pictures i take of scenery i suppose. i've just always wanted a flickr. photobucket is so last year.

i had a dilemma. i went to this lecture tonight (where i fell asleep) and my professor was talking to me afterwards and i had my aphi bag and she goes "my freshman roommate was in alpha phi" but she said it like "phi" not "fee" like we pronounce it because of the whole constant thing. i didn't want to correct her. my friend and i just stood there being awkward after it was over. but at least i got the extra points i so desperately need because i've only spoken once in that class the whole year. even though it's very hard to concentrate in that class when i feel like i'm at the gym.

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