Sunday, March 15, 2009

you never understood what we loved you for.

so i'm like a bloggin' machine this weekend. you'll have to forgive me. i'm attempting to find the second mayday cd on my external hard drive but if you didn't know, my external hard drive and my computer have a sour relationship and they don't like to be connected to each other. but i have that same relationship with this piece of junk, i just fake love it and move on because it's all i have. this computer just continues to disappoint me in every aspect of life. it is never there when i actually need it, but always there when i should be doing something productive. it puts me in a fit of emotions every time i try to use it. two keys are missing and it's covered in dinosaur stickers which makes me look like a fag, but i could care less.
i have to go to some stuuuupid risk management thing tonight for formal when i'm 99% sure i'm not going. but i mean, i can't say that i really mind going.
then i'll work out, hopefully.
but there was a half spilled bag of doh-reets on the sidewalk outside of my apartment. all wounded soldiers waiting for me to bandage them back together. or at least run to the store and find more so the war can continue. but, well, it can't. it had to end. like all good things, i've been told. but now i just wear the relic to spite myself. just ask cyndi lauper. she can say anything better than i can. and it might make sense. hahah.
and all this talk about grapefruit yesterday made me wake up with the biggest craving for some grapefruit juice. so i went to the store and bought some.

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  1. Anonymous11:49 PM

    you don't know me, but i read your blogs religiously. i love that you are so honest, and i hope you never go through a period where you aren't in a blogging mood. :)