Tuesday, March 3, 2009

you said you loved me. you know what you said.

ok so i feel like i'm on my deathbed or something.
one would think that i'm deathly ill. but no i'm in high spirits and health at the moment. mental health= undecided.
anyway. i haven't moved from the couch since i turned off The Shining, other than to soak my jeans that have a strange smell in them in the sink. I also moved to pee every 5 minutes because I've had 3 mugs of green tea and 2 bottles of water today.
I went to the gym today and used the free weights. Some fat girl was staring at me the whole time. Since no one that reads this blog is fat you can't understand the fat competition we fat girls have going on at the gym. At least I feel like I always have to subconsciously one-up my fellow fat girls while working out. I could give a shit about the skinny ones, or the boys because they can all run faster and longer than me and they can all lift more weight. I did the whole 7.5 pounds free weights. While i think i could have handled more...that was a lot. And now my arms and back hurt.
ashleigh just bitched at me because i'm not eating. for once in my life i'm not hungry. maybe i am sick?

i hope the colors make you happy. well happier, at least. :]]]

i just realized that i should have been born a jew. i have a huge nose.
seriously i might be going insane with nothingness. i'm actually excited to go home. just the thought of writing my paper is looming over my head. and poking me to finish, but it shall never get done.

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  1. no i understand the competition. its a general thing. skinny girls try to run faster than me even tho they are more out of shape. its funny. but uh yeah....i like the colors but they hurt my eyes and shut up u dont have a big nose