Wednesday, March 4, 2009

you're wayyy too beautiful boy

that's why it will never work.
you had me suicidal, suicidal
when you said it's over.

It was back in '99
Watchin' movies all the time.

i like that. not the sean kingston version, but when Bayside sings it. Punk Goes Pop is on the Leak on mtv fyi.
I had a dream last night and i didn't know it was possible but you can be perfectly pathetic in your dreams. i always figured that you were the heroine in your dreams and that you could do no wrong. instead my subconscious is telling me "stopppppppppppppp".

well today was epic fail. i was supposed to do some live classroom thing with my group but one of the members was working at the time we scheduled... so i went shopping at tjmaxx and bought a skirt, a shirt and this random vest for 2 dollars. i'm way too poor i dont know what i was thinking. then i came to my grams and i listened to her talk to the repair men for 45 minutes. then we went to the geagle and she is a speed demon if i tell you. i was running to keep up with her. then we went to pick up alex and i stood at the window for ten minutes waiting for her to get off the bus. then we went to see my cousin's new baby. but they weren't we left and went to another store to get bread and bananas. and now i'm here while alex and gram are at alex's lesson trying to hide from the repair men who scare me.

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