Sunday, April 26, 2009

and next time i'm in town...

i feel like i should give you a cast list of people from work.
i was thinking that today. but even though i know none of them will see this, i don't want some random person to stumble upon it and think i'm supafag.
i was only 1 dollar under today. but i was two dollars over yesterday, so we called it even :] haha
i'll explain buying a membership:
if you buy a membership you get to put two adults on the card and you can have as many kids as you have on your card. and you get the rest of the jist of the membership.

story time
1. this lady buys a membership and she says that she wants to put her soon-to-be divorced husband on the card as well, so i told her to go for it. she comes back about two hours later and goes "i want to take my husband off the card. mark is an asshole. he won't appriciate it" this was a lot more awk than it sounds.

2. this man comes up to my window and inquires about renewing his membership but he wants to change the other name on his card. he says "this is a soap opera story, i got a divorce from my wife and now i'm dating her sister so i want her name on the card..." what the hell. why would you tell me this number one? and how can you be so heartless? not like this man was really a looker, but still. then about twenty minutes later he comes back and carema goes "ohh here is is again" and he goes "look, kristen (OMG, that's creepy), i don't think it would be a good idea to change her name" so i just fixed that problem. then he goes "i need to go back to my car to get my tanktop, i'm hot" and he came back lookin' fly in his wife beater and dirty carpenter jeans.

but my life is a shamble because i was walking around in my underwear and who walks in but my aunt. there were beer cans all over my table too. i'm still in shock.

and i really hate some people. like what are you doing. like what is going on?

i think i have a new best friend.
they're taking my "in training" sign down at work because i "did over 4000 dollars in transactions with out messing up"... i was a dollar short, dear. but who knows. i liked the in training sign becuase old people would always tell me "you did so well" and stuff like that. and everyone was more patient. ah i'm nervous

oh sorry about the fact that i'm only going to talk about work all summer. i don't know what i talked about last summer cause i feel like i wasn't obsessed with AMC. or i was. remember quiznos. good times. i need to get good jobs with good people. hahah

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  1. lol u get weirdly obsessed with every job u work ahahah