Friday, April 17, 2009

when you see clothes, close your eyelids.

ok well apparetnly this picture didn't work. but in case it did, it makes me happy becasue i'm wearing a tank top and shorts. whahhht now.

bahhhhhhhhh why do i get annoyed so easily.

but i was realllllly happy today. hahah. :] bah.

i went to go obseve but the teacher wasn't there. thanks for notifying me, peeps.

idk. whatevs. i just hate myself for being such a pansy. i am, amamam. who knows. i went for a walk today and it was lovely. i went to the library and got 4 books. they're amazing. hopefully at least. i think i'm going to start reading a lot again.

oh note to everyone: don't give up sugar for lent then try to eat it. it really hasn't been sitting well. i thought it might have been the arby's but i don't think arby's would confundle my stomach for a week.

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