Thursday, April 30, 2009

everybody smiles at you :]

i don't know why i find this picture so interesting. it's like my own attempt at being a mix between Norman Rockwell of the 21st century and a fat kid eating Dohreets. the latter is exactly what i am, as i ate that whole bag the day i took this picture.

i really have no life and i'm sorry this isn't interesting. i had a massive pseudo-anxiety attack today because i thought i was going to fail ed. and if you fail ed, then, well, you need to reexamine your life goals. but i'm not going to. i'm going to pass ed. whoo, clap for me.

you'd think i'd get used to the weather by now, but i never will. i was sunning this morning then it massively down poured and now it's just gross post-rain frizz that we all love so much. the flowers on the trees are looking a little sickly. they used to be this vibrant pink and now they look like a Popsicle that you've sucked all of the artificial coloring out of so all that's left is the the semi-tinted ice. you know what i'm talking about?

and i also hate when you finish a really good book it seems like no other book you read will give you the same feeling. that's how i am right now. albert camus is not cutting it like he did last time. who knows. i was stuck at the library and got yelled at for taking my shoes off because apparently you're "not allowed to take your shoes off in the library" come on. i was wearing flip flops anyway.

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