Monday, April 6, 2009

i fashioned you from jewels and stone.

well i decided i will die until i can posses this bag,

and place it across my chest.

i cannot be happy until i buy it. unfortunately for me, it's only found in London. Fuck the most beautiful place on earth. i will live there one day and constantly purchase cath kidston bags and clothing. but for now i guess i will have to pretend to be happy with my mans plaid blue backpack. who knows. it's love.
one day.
i will save 50 dollars a month until i get it.
the beauty is 68 euros. so that's like over 100 in American dollars. sweet. one day. oneeeee day we will be united.


  1. Anonymous12:29 AM

    cute bag. i remember one time i saw a girl carrying a bag that i thought was the most gorgeous bag in the world so i had to ask her where she got it. unfortunately, she bought it in spain. i feel your pain. i really do. :/

  2. lol niiiiiiiiiiice. 100 isnt bad at all. order it online?