Saturday, April 25, 2009

i'll blend up that rainbow above you and shoot it through your veins.

so i hate my life, aka.
i was at the library for about 3 hours tonight re-writing my 19 page paper. i wanted to kill myself. ash keeps getting mad at me because i'm doing so much work, but i mean... what do you want me to do. i'm all over work right now. i'm not failing any class-i swear i'm getting at least a 3.2 if it kills me.
other than the fact that i'm going to jail, i gave some lady 20 extra dollars, i was two dollars over in my register and i charged a lady for 3 adults when she only wanted 2. luckily sean saved me on every account. it was the worst day ever. like honeslty i am the dumbest person ever. my life is a shamble and i think that people who are just near me have bad things happen to them. i was doing so well too. oh and now i'm not because i'm just playing the waiting game. give me a payphone, a leather jacket, some cheezy dance moves and some blonde highlights and we're good to go.
is ct on the real worl/road rules thing. and is road rules even on anymore?
i really need to watch tv. i am so out of it. i have no idea what i'm doing with my life
bea arthur aka DOROTHY died!
my hero, my role model and the exact person i'm going to be when i'm 55. how could this happen? i looked up to you, you were my epitome.

well life sucks, and you die. that's my motto. how depressing.
i can't stop spending money. i'm so kanye.
i have to give a presentation on tuesday. i want to die. i hate presenting.
but you're going to be a teacher?
yes, i am well aware of this oddity.

listen to owl city.

who are all of these people on rw/rr duel whatever it's called. i need to go back to 10th grade when i paid attention to this shiz.

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  1. i can give you the full 101 on that as you know. i always stay on top of that "SHIZ" lol