Thursday, April 23, 2009

i'm a young urban psychopath.

i have no motivation. someone help me. i'm writing a journal (one of 24!) about motivation and what people need in order to survive. i got about three sentences and now i'm distracted. i just finished a paper about a movie i had to watch called the lives of others. like i never thought i'd enjoy a movie with subtitles but now i love them after this class. i wouldn't say that i'd prefer subtitles or that foreign movies are better, but i've seen some pretty good ones this semester. oh here i go pretending i'm a movie connoisseur.
well you really would think that one would learn thier lesson. but no, i never do.
i made a huge mistake in the form of hair dying. what the hell is my problem. sometimes i just have to laugh at myself because i'm like among the top five dumbest people in the world. so i was all over this black hair because i've turned a new leaf ( i said this last time but i have no idea if that is how you spell the expression) and now i wanted light brown hair. so i picked one with a reddish tint. well as most of you know, you can't dye over dye. and i knew this as well but after forgetting the shade of my natural hair, i just assumed that the black had washed out enough to dye over.
this is not the case. so now my hair is "natural honey" at the roots and "midnight black" everywhere else except for where ash missed spots when dying my hair black. i'm like a crazed psycho. but i'm trying to be independent and start a new style. it's called massive roots. i bet if the glamour do's and don't's (?) section got ahold of me i would be on the last page with a black censor bar over my eyes. the sad thing is i don't care. it's only really bad on the right side. so i'll just part my hair really far over...omg why is my life so tragic.

oh when oh when is school going to be over. i hate my tech teacher. i mean i've gotten a 100% on everything we've done this semester and now all of the sudden he wants to grade shit and give me a 45 out of 50 on a powerpoint that i spent like 6 hours on? holy poop i hate him. and you have to have a 97 to get an A in that class ( i know, right?) so i have to get a 100% on my portfolio. which i will not. so there goes my only A.
not that you care, this is mostly for me. but here is a list of the things i have to do before may 5th
ok i don't feel like doing that anymore. i'm done with all of my ed classes at least.
i'm still learning in my western civ, i'm having presentations in writing history, i've never done anything in psych, i have a test in global soc and i can't even think of what other classes i have.

sorry this was such a sucky blog.
i'm just so tired. even though i'm not. i went to bed at 945 last night. i finished all quiet on the western front and i've moved on to franny and zooey which is good so far. it's no catcher in the rye, but what is? oh and then i slept in til 715. so i shouldn't be tired. maybe i got too much sleep.
where was wheatus all my life?
i spent the whole day downloading musac on limewire. prob not a good idea.
please everyone listen to "that beep" by architecture in Helsinki. i heard it in old navs and almost died i loved it so much. oh get this. i did that whole yahooask gadget thing and just asked "what was that song about bubblegum on a shoe they play at old navy" and what do you know two hours later i had an answer. some people really have no life. i mean thank you dearly to the person who gave me the answer, but idk. irdk.
i just need to go to work. i could use more money.
i love min wage. it's so much nicer here than in md. i worked for 16 hours and got 120. in md that would be like 95 minus taxes. whoa. yay. apparently we don't get raises at the zoo though. :[ i think anything is better than 6.75 from amc or 6.00/6.50 from quizzies. as long as i keep moving up, i'll be fine. but hopefully my next job i'll be making like, you know, 32 thou. right.

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