Friday, April 3, 2009

oh, boo, what can i do?

Oh, boo, what can I do?It's not me, yeah, it's you.You've been hittin' the heartbrakes hard.It ain't no use, cos we're still gonna crash,cos you're still keeping after me.It's flattering, but really!Abracadabra!Every summer you disappear.Cos it's so sticky in the Dirty South.It's hot as balls.Hey now, watch your mouth!I must repeat: I think you're sweet.But ain't no way that I'm gonna meetyour mother, your father,your dog or your brother,your nephew and niece, girl,I just can't be bothered.
-"hit the heartbreaks"
the black kids.

ok i just think it's funny because they say "it's hot as balls". i find that the funniest statement ever. oh so today i was chillin in the teachers lounge with all of these old ladies and this 30ish year old black lady came in blabbing about gluing tennis balls together and apparently she's "good with balls, very good". i know i'm 20 but that doesn't mean i want to hear about some random teachers sex life.
then i was walking the 4th graders to lunch. then this hot kid aka hot man goes "you're a little big to be in 4th grade" so i turn around and am like whooo are you? but awkwardly smile and laugh. then i was like, this guy is attractive, i hope he's not in 8th grade because i would be that creepy.
then i was helping a girl with her spelling bee words but i didn't know the difference between hardy and hearty. i still don't. so apparetnly i shouldn't have graduated from Hollywood Elm.

and i walk home and take my jacket off and ashleigh goes "you don't have any boobs left". thanks...? urgh.


  1. must mean ur skinny. i hate u. ive got the 3 month preg lookin pooch coming back. FML

  2. i'm like 6 months preg.