Thursday, April 2, 2009

peanut butter sandwhich made with jam.

jamie, you don't have to feel bad.
i just have no life, therefore i blog like a maniac.
i don't think i've ever paid less attention in class. we have our mic headsets on right now and i'm listening to "furr" because for some reason the tone just fits my mood so perfectly right now. i love when that happens with songs. like you'll be walking along and suddenly a beautiful song will come up on shuffle on your ipod and-whoo- your life is complete. every second of that song gets ingrained in your veins and it just vibrates so serenely in you and you're happy. it's like "this is perfect, it fits" yeah. sorry. but you've felt that way before.
i don't have anything to say i just have no desire to be in this class. i have RLS right now and i'm prob annoying everyone at my table-row thing. i don't really care though.
i've just continued to be a masochist this entire class. i really need to get a life.
i went to bed after lost last night. so this means i was in bed by 10:05 and you'd think i'd be able to wake up early aka 6:10 but no i woke up at 6:45 and was out the door by 7:20. i should enter a competition for getting showered and ready in the morning.
also, i should get a prize for being such a thrifty shopper. i found a pair of jeans 4.99,
granted they don;t look that good. i probably shouldn't wear skinny jeans but once you go skinny, you never go back. i don't think i'd be able to wear flares anymore.
so we're making this voice recording thing where we have to input music and make it fade out and fade in before and after our little voice recording thing. ok, it's reallllly not complicated in the least but these people are taking twenty minutes to figure it out. it should take two, max.
i'm not even sure. i'm bored. let's just save this shiz and move on. i have no desire to facebook/myspace. omg "i cut it with the scissors? does that mean it's gone forever?" it's not that fucking complicated. honestly.
oh well
it's so nice today it's hard to function. i just want to take a run (if i could run). i'm taking a walk or at least going to secret garden tonight.
now he's making it seem like converting an mp3 file to a wav file is "complicated" just download a converter and place it into your thing. there might be an easier way, but that is terribly easy to do that anyway.
and this class is over 30 minutes early. so i should stop complaining.

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  1. lol ok. and can u please find me clothes that cheap? ash and i hate u for that.