Monday, April 20, 2009

shush girl, shut your lips. do the helen keller and talk with your hips

well this has been a very rainy day. honestly, i just want it to go away.
i was sitting in class this morning and i was thinking that i was going to turn a new leaf and pay attention and actually try to learn because Zionism is probably going to still need to be taught when i'm a teacher. but then i started thinking about other things. like how i feel like in the past two weeks i've just matured a lot. like i went from a 15 year old to a 26 year old. i'm not sure how to explain it. but i was thinking that everyone else is stressed out too right now and i'm not the only one that has to rewrite a 19 page paper, make an entire portfolio for tech, make a 75 slide interactive powerpoint, get in 20 hours of observations, work, study for finals and write a 10 page psych paper that makes no sense. and that's not even half of it. it prob doesn't' sound that bad and that is why i'm just going to take it in strides and not let it bother me. i'll just do one thing and then the next. and then the next and the next until i get it done. it won't be that bad. maybe if it stops raining it will get better. i have to observe today. sometimes observing makes me want to jump off the 10th street bridge. i'm starving but i ate breakfast at 730.
oh i'm becoming quite the domestic housewife of sorts.
i usually wake up at 6 but today i got up at 645 because the snooze button was so much more appealing than a shower. but anyway i got up at 645 and took a shower and got ready and was done by like 720. so i cleaned and updated my ipod and freaked out because my computer crashed 4 times in the span of time between 645 and 830. i think we have a problem again...

i went out to dinner last night for marissa's 21st birthday and it was nice. the service was horrible, don't ever go to longhorn steakhouse at 8 on a sunday night. there was a man at a bar reading a huge book and drinking an big big pitcher of water. it was strange. but anyway they charged marissa 2.99 for a small bowl of ice cream. i mean, they should have put it on someone elses check. and the check thing was crazy. but we didn't get change back other than a 10 so we gave her a 5 between me and my friend. like whatttttt? that's so much money for such a big ho.
oh that reminds me
i know this is late but i'm in love with that 30h3 song, don't trust me. you should go listen to it. it's amazing.
so i'm listening to that. grooveshark that.

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  1. lol dude u are very late on the dont trust me song