Monday, April 13, 2009

tell everybody that you know that i don't love you no more.

can we just talk about these three pictures. what in the world would possess you to do this to your body. now, i'm all for piercings of most types, but LIP PLATES? i've never seen this before. sure when i watch national geographic on the discovery channel when they feature african tribes. but what are you going to do in 5 years when you decide that fitting a cup into your lip isn't funny anymore. are you ever going to find a spouse? i feel like that gap would get in the way.
the boy in photo number one: i get him. i feel like he'll always be crazy. but i don't understand how anyone could get tattoo's on their face. that is just wrong on so many levels. the girl he is with must be out of her mind. she'll change it fairly shortly.
the boy in photo number 2: he'll grow out of his little emo phase pretty soon then have to spend thousands of dollars on lip corrective surgery. that just looks so odd. i'm really not sure if this isn't all a big joke and just a slight of photoshop.
the boy in photo number 3: i'm not going to lie, he'd be extremely sexy if his bottom lip didn't have a cup in it. gauges to some extent are neat. or if you're one of those huge fat body guards at shows, then you can have gauges. i feel like you've decided what you're going to do with life and it involves huge gauges. this boy has no idea what he wants to do with his life. he's probably not going to college and he'll spend the rest of his life working the merry-go-round at kennywood.
i don't know why i decided to do that. i stumbled upon a site with thousands of lip piercings. crazy.
i'd like someone to explain to me why i like boys who seem to have no ambitions, at least on the surface. that whole thing about "drive"-so unattractive. well.
and i'm just so happy right now. i mean not like cloud nine or anything. despite my sickness and the smell in my apartment, i'm peachy. and i don't know why i was so distracted for so long. so if i can just get over my laziness, maybe i can pass a class this semester.
i really need to stop being creepy. but just some people are so nice.
and why is it that i can talk so openly with certain people and then others i literally can't open my mouth other than to laugh even when i'm not attracted to them at all. why is life so crazy. i'm getting so good. i was in a window today and i was like, on fire. dork beside, in tandem. sweet.
and why do i love dorky people. i was talking to ash the other day about how boys who think they're "so hott" and how they are never attractive. and also when they talk to you and you're not interested and you can tell they're getting frustrated, not like they really care, it's just the thought of some girl not totally being into them is unheard of. give me some WoW players and well-read losers any day, as long as they're not conceded about their genius.
ok sorry i'm not sure why i'm rambling about this shit. now you know though.

how did we get there?
we were once a fairytale
but this is farewell.
"see you in my nightmare"
kanye ft. lil wayne

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