Tuesday, April 14, 2009

that right there could drive a sane man bizerk.

two things to write about on this tuesday morning
a.)i just need to rant
b.) my crazed dream

a.) well i'm just getting tired of this whole scream and cry to get what you want ordeal. my mom really didn't teach us very well. if you freak out, you'll get what you want. it's like the three year old mentality. and everyone in my family does it. i just usually don't cave in. but i did this morning because i needed to go to the store anyway. i went to the store sans make-up because i didn't have time in between ash's freak out so i looked lovely. and apparently you need to be a certain age to buy "tussin" the geagle brand of Robitussin. so my little self-service check out line started blinking and no one came over to help me. so i had to go pay at the register. i totally could have just walked out of the geagle saving myself 7.04. but i'm a good citizen.

b.) my crazed dream. note to self: don't take dayquil before you go to bed. now i don't remember the whole thing but i was in a room with some people i couldn't make out but i recognized this random boy i just met. there was a younger girl with black hair and then i think this girl laura from aphi. but anyway we locked ourselves in this room because this small creature was trying to break in. this creature was a mixture of Alf (my biggest fear), Yoda and those little alien things from Toy Story. it doesn't sound too scary but it was terrifying. i know more stuff happened but i figured i should censor that.

"prelude to a kiss"
-billie holiday

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