Tuesday, April 7, 2009

you take the pieces of the dreams that you have

cause you don't like the way they seem to be going.
you cut them up and spread them out on the floor.
you're full of hope as you begin rearranging
put it all back together
but anyway you look at things
looks like the lovers are losing.
-"lovers are losing"

alright. well again, i am mad.
like really mad at my professor.
so i spent all twenty minutes or so of last night studying for this test. but i think i knew it all.
i get to class and my professor and the TA walk in laughing like the irony of the snow falling outside is the funniest thing to ever happen at duq. then he sits on the table and basically gives us this bullshit excuse of how his bag got stolen at the airport which had his office keys in it so he couldn't get into the office at 6 this morning to write the test. there was more about snow and flights being cancelled, more bullshit. i'm sure it's not but honestly, he should have had the test written before he went on his little research trip to Italy which was pretty much a glorified vacation. so to end this rant, we didn't take the test today but instead he lectured on the history of the world from the beginning of world war I to the end of world war II, most of the information being wrong. some kid asked "isn't that called something?" (he was referring to the land between germany and france) and my professor goes "no it's just called the border between germany and france". oh, sir, it's actually called the Rhineland. then he was discussing fascism and he missed the most important piece aka the nationalistic side of it. but whatever i'm over him. the best part of this little charade is that the people who are presenting when we get back on thursday (aka me) will have to present to the two people who decided not to take the test that we were supposed to take today (he gave us an option of taking this test the thursday we get back from break or just averaging all of the tests together). but my group will have to find time on their own to take this test. come on.

ok well now that i'm extremely pissed that i didn't have to wake up today because i'm extremely ill, i have what i claim is strep and i can barely breathe. and i'm tired, but i always am. and it's snowing.
i was like 5 feet from a lion the other day. i am the only one who finds this exciting. but we got taken back into where the excess lions are stored at the zoo and there were two female lions in a cage and i was standing in front of the cage and the two lions just paced back and forth staring at me like i would taste good, you know, a lot of meat. but it was fun. i'm excited.

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  1. hey i think thats cool! lol tigereyes lmao