Sunday, April 12, 2009

your mood swings are kind of giving me whiplash.

alrighty, well i'm watching twilight. and as much as i try to like it, i can't.
the acting is just...well i think bella is ok, she acts like a normal teenager. and none of the characters are like they are in the books and edward, while spazworthingly attractive, sounds like a downs kid with a massive speech impediment. dr. cullen looks like the biggest fag in history. aside from the characters it's a wannabe indie thriller, when the last thing that it is, is that. rosalie is chubby and should not have dyed her hair blonde. we decided if the music wasn't so horrible, the movie would be a little better. i'm not sure. i just have some deep rooted hate towards this movie.
i'm not going to lie, i love the fact that he watches her sleep. that probably makes me sound crazy, but i find it adorable.
why are boys so awkward. they do all the wrong things at exactly the right time.
ashleigh gave me a paper cut today and it really hurts.
i'm actually sicker than i've even been in my life. i just took some dayquil at night. probably not a good idea but that's all my dad bought me this morning. he's so nice sometimes. i probably should be resting, but i haven't rested in awhile. i'm just going going going.

oh ash ruined the ending of the twilight series for me. she told me what happens to bella.
she told me what happened to jacob this summer. she just ruins everything

today we did eggdoo. it's voodoo but with eggs. and you throw them at trees. very refreshing. we make eggs and call them "____ bert" well, and then throw them at trees. but unfortunately my gram used my bert in the potato salad. so i guess maybe i got the best revenge because it was chopped up and eaten by everyone. which possibly could make us cannibals, but oh well. anthony burgess seems to think that's what's going to happen in "the near future" anyway.
oh well. i'm lame and 15.


  1. the only bone i have to pick with this post is the fact that u called rosalie chubby. umm..does that make me obese? she is skinny!!!!

  2. she is skinny. i'm not saying she's fat like me. i'm just saying i pictured her as more long and lanky. she's all mexican big ass type of girl. you know