Wednesday, April 29, 2009

you're about as innocent as cancer

So, i am kind of becoming sick of ficitonal characters. i really can't stand when authors make their characters out to have these "sucky" lives but i think their lives are just fine. i'm reading the bell jar right now and Ester, well i thought she was cool until i read chapter 8 and she had this whole "i'm not good at anything" then she goes on to say "except winning prizes and scholarships" i'm like shut up, hoe, you've gotten straight a's for the past 15 years of your life. personally, i classify being smart as being good at something. * like mia, come on, you're a princess for god sake, i think even if you suck at life you can stop complaining. i hated how she thought she was bad at everything and then one day someone told her that she was good at writing (and i think this idea is flawed. just because you write a lot doesn't mean you're any good at it. case and point-me) and then all of the sudden she had some sort of epiphany that "oh yeah, i write". i could go on for hours about bella and how she is the worst character i have ever read. i know half of you reading this are huge twilight fans, and i mean, i like the book, it's just bella i can't stand most of the time. anyway, she gets to me. but that is why i like books about men, written by men. except the color purple by alice walker. i think that the main character was too ignorant to hate herself for reasons other than being "dirty" and whatnot. her life actually sucked, that is why i liked it. and of course i'm going to bring up holden. i mean, his life sucked too, and he knew it but he didn't go around preaching that "i'm not good at anything" and if he did it would be sound, because he wasn't really good at anything. i mean, who likes phonies? no one. he had legit problems. he sort of saw someone commit suicide and his favorite brother died. what ever happened to bella? she met the most perfect man in the world but she can't be with him because he is sentenced to an eternity of staying up late at night and drinking deer blood? i know what happens, ash ruined it for me. i'm so pissed. i've been working on the third book for about a two months now. i will finish it one day. i wanted Victoria to just swoop down and kill bella. then she can shut up and stop pretending to be "unique" when the only unique thing about he is her boyfriend, which doesn't really make her unique.

i was going to rant about phyllis schalfly and how i love her, but i decided you reading this has had enough of my crazed rant.
it's just that i want to burn all of the horrible books ever written in the world. and i mean, i'm no literary connoisseur, but i just like what i like and i don't really care if you think Paridise Lost is the best book ever written, i will never ever be able to read that and find enjoyment in it. unless i sparknote that, which i did.

*when i started reading the bell jar yesterday i wasn't fully aware of the plot. now that i'm finished i feel i should take back some of what i said. i do still hate the fact that she was a massive feminist and i don't think that her life was all that bad still. i would be the worst therapist. i would just tell people to deal with it and be happy...good thing i'm probably getting my masters in psychology. or photography...

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  1. i am the most devoted twilight fan ever, and i completely agree with your take on bella. most annoying character ever.