Thursday, May 21, 2009

all alone and i'm about to microphone check.

this is marissa. she is getting married by a judge as a pre-wedding in a beautiful rose garden. we went dress shopping and this was my favorite. i don't think anything else will ever beat my love of it, but i'm not sure this one will win.
this is alex:

this is how alex parks:

i'm in lust with 3oh!3. i'm always late.

i'm in lust with plenty of blue, shiny things. wolverine is one of them, not the movie. gah creep.

so today was so nice. i was all airy wonderful until i got home. story of my life.
work was a lot of fun. i mean, as most fun as it can be. but i'm not going to lie, i enjoyed it more than i should have.
then we went to sign the lease. afterwards we decided to go take another gander at our looks like this:

i don't know what sort of drug induced haze the four of us were in when we picked this out but on the side there are words graffitied like "ass" and "bitch" and "pusy" (no, that's how they spelled it). classy, i know. we're the apartment with that oh-so-stylish sheet as a window covering.

-I'm finally becoming the 14 year old girl that i've always wanted to be. i pierced my ear. cute, i know:

"My boss is a Jewish carpenter"... i'm not so sure about this.

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