Saturday, May 16, 2009


aight, aight.
excuse that long hiatus. nothing was happening during it so i really have no excuse. i don't know what's wrong with me.
ok so since may 7th...
i fucked up at work, but it's all good.
i can't go home for my 21st birthday and i have to spend it in pittsburgh, alone.
i went to maryland from the 1th to the 15th.
jamie went there too. i went to target 6 times (embarrassing, i know)
we went to monterey's. jamie said a lot of funny things. my favorite being "you look like a black woman, you should go to super wal-mart". when we were in marshalls waiting for 2 hours while my mom bought a "bathrobe" jamie and i went a little crazy and jamie sang everything...
today work was niceeee. i didn't mess up at all. i mean it was boring as crap because it rained all day but surprisingly i still had 2,500 some in cash at the end of the day. i'm still going to look for another job. just to run myself down. and work from 830 am to 11 pm. but we'll see. no one will hire me except the zoo, but they didn't know what they were getting themselves into when they did that.
i have oooovvvvveeeer due library books. about 6.25. but i'm too lazy to bring them back. it's raining so i can't walk and it's an awk drive. i'm trying to eat something but there is no food here. gahh. i can't win. nopppe.
oh we got our apartment. so get ready for even more complaining next year!

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  1. ahahahah a. i love when im included. b. i dont remember saying that to you, why did i say that? and c. you miss my singing talking and d. i am avoiding going to my apt cuz theres no food there either and e. im on the 3rd disc of GG now