Thursday, May 7, 2009

does your husband know?

So i read all of my old blogs again and here are some of my favorite quotes, exactly as i wrote them:

"humm i really dont have anything to say except there is a REALLY weird indian guy at quiznos who just stares and sweeps. then he asks you the same question every five mintues. or at least i think its the same question beacuse hes very indian and i cant understand what hes saying. but it was funny he was on his hands and knees sweeping under the stations. it was sad. but he will just stand next to me. and im almost at the point where i dont need any help with writing the sandwiches on the bag(yay, its only taken a month) but he will take like ten minutes to find what sandwhich it is then write it on there. and its IRRITATING. but we had this really random conversation about wildewood and i wanted someone to come save me, but no luck."

who knew that resheesh would turn out to be my best friend?

"so anyway. we were in bio today and mrs. teague is like i need ten shoes. and so some people voulenteer. and of course i dont. so she walks down my row and is like "shoe", "shoe" then she gets to me and is like "shoe" so i gave her my shoe, and my feet were cold the whole time."

i forgot how funny this day was

"i usually know what im doing so back away from the sandwich artist please."
hahahhahaha. why am i so dumb

"i dont care if he only has half an arm, hes really really sexy"
laura, hahahah do you remember oam?

"sheesh called E.B. and i FAT, but then again who dosent say that?"
oh sheesh. you make my life and the fact that 90% of my blogs were about quiznos.


  1. Laura3:53 PM

    i saw oam the other day!!!

  2. Anonymous1:15 AM

    i miss your blogs! keep 'em coming! :)

  3. lmao i fucking hated quiznos.