Thursday, May 21, 2009

i am static, you are kinetic.

i'm like a bloggin fiend this hour of 10-11 pm.
and creeeeeepy fan blog going on here:

and i just spent the past half hour reading all of shaant hacikyan's twitter's. i know. i read over 200 of them. i'm lame.

this is his beauty, it's so perfect it hurts.:

he's writing new songs (yayyyy finally) and he leaves them on twitter, like lyrics i guess here are my favorites:

"I made a list of everything that you should resist and I found myself, found myself on top of in lies the masochistic twist."

"I molded my mind to your so-called timeline. Color me the literate loser"

i'm reading and reviewing this as it was the bible, if i were any sort of a religious person. i just want to hear these new songs. limewire-here i come. don't disappoint, please.

he was at BWI on the 18th. where was i? at work :[ gay. if i was home i could have seen that and driven up there and professed my love and he could have called me a freak and that would be the end of it. but at least i'd get to touch him again. haahh sorry. we're in love. we both loooooove forgive durden <3.>

i need to sleep and or get a life. forgive me.

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