Friday, May 1, 2009

it's not the heart that makes the man;it's the money in his hand

i don't understand why my computer is so big. everything on the screen is huge. i changed the screen resolution but it did nothing. so is anyone good with computers? no? right

well i was feeling vain today so here's a photoblog of may 1, 2009
(that means 30 days til my birthday :])

i find it virtually impossible to take a decent picture of clouds. they're so boring no matter what amazing photographer is taking the picture. this, i know, is an ugly picture, i just think that the pink slundge in the right corner looks supaneat.
well, i'm one of those people that likes to take pictures in the dressing room to see if it looks ok in pictures. this dress makes me look fatter in real life. but i liked it so much and i was like "whatever, i have 14.99 on my tjmaxx gift card" so i bought it.

yes, it was raining. no, a target bag on your head is not necessary.

i tried to take a picture of this neat stop sign but it took me a few seconds to get my camera out and by that time i was being honked at. this is a school zone, people. children were trying to learn.

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