Monday, May 18, 2009

i heard that you were trouble but i couldn't resist.

i hate that bananas are the only fruit that i can afford. .49 cents a pound compared to red grapes that are 2.49 a pound. that's too much. :[
clearly i like "Good Girls Go Bad" because Leighton Meester sings a part of it. :]
i have also been obsessed with the Ting Tings. you should listen to "Fruit Machine" it's my favorite, Jamie would know ;]
i hate when people are playing with you and they think they're being funny but it sort of hurts your feelings. maybe it's just "cute", i can't tell. i'm not one to judge that sort of thing.
work has been good lately. well, i haven't been off. i've been perfect. i pretty much like everyone i work with :] so that's a good thing.

i have nothing to say. sorry. i'm going through a mental block so forgive the shitty blogs for awhile.

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