Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i'm about to crack. let's call this the comeback.

the love of my life just walked back in, and it's never felt better.

in the form of a small box with a screen and a clickwheel. it's white on the front and silver on the back. we were inseparable from may 30, 2005 to october 18, 2008. and now, with my newly acquired skillz, we are together again.
i found all of the bands i had forgotten about like the shout out louds, nada surf, and the loved ones (even though i only have that 100k song). it's a miracle. i don't know why this makes me so happy. i was reading this person's blog one day and they said that if you get the death screen then you should charge your ipod, turn it on and wait to hear a clicking sound. once you do that then you slam the pod against a wall or you smack it with your hand ( i found the slamming it against a wall it the only way to get it working). i didn't believe this person but i was walking in ash's room where i left the opod (original pod...) and then i was all "i'll give this a try"


we're in business. i was bummed because i listened to "one armed scissor" and then once that song was done my baby froze. but we're back. i can't believe this. i also don't understand why i prefer the 3rd generation, 20 gb, non-color screened ipod to the 120 gb, video/photo/color ipod. but i was taken back to high school as i was reading catcher in the rye listening to my opod.

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  1. So glad you are reunited! I loved reading your blog..such creativity.

    When you get a chance drop by mine.