Wednesday, May 6, 2009

sun is in the sky. oh why, oh why would i want to be anywhere else?

ok. we all know that i wish i was 14 again, but that doesn't mean i like being contorted into various positions because punk boys with long flowing hair feel the need to smack into each other for some odd type of pleasure i will never understand. or choose to participate in anyway. well i was not given the choice anymore. and like marissa said as she floated away from me "we're getting to old for this". yes, my dear, we are. marissa was on with her one liners last night...until she passed out (we'll get to that later). anyway, the first band was called RC Static. and one of the girls i went with knew them, so they got me a reduced ticket (yay, thank god, cause they sucked). well anyway i felt like i was in a time warp that unfortunately brought me back to 1999. they sounded like American Hi-Fi, but not as pop-y, mixed with Black Sabbath. I mean...whoa. and the lead singer made strange faces. only johnny is able to do that while still looking sexy.

the next band was called...give me a pimps (!!!). the lead singer made this whole spiel about how he hated the music that was out now and they even wrote a song called "2003" when apparently music was good. please tell me what this "good" music was. then he went on to say how bands like Forever the Sickest Kids were ruining the music scene or whatever. please. you sounded like a gay Sum 41 mixed with All Time Low who was ultimately aiming for the Backstreet Boys. i really don't have the patience to listen to your shit about how your band is good when you named yourselves the "space pimps".

ok and then the used was supposed to come on (and they did) but i was occupado.
and i need to tell you about this exciting crowd. they liked to mosh when there was absolutely no music. what was up with that. i'm all for having a good time at concerts and i'll even put up with a little mosh here and there when the song is upbeat enough or it calls for it. RC Static was not a moshing band, however.
then what is up with throwing things? i want to find some faggot who throws water bottles and ask them their rationale behind doing so. oh and then the hoodies. forgive this morbid-ness going on in the next sentence. but really. why the fuck would you spend 30 dollars on a nice hoodie and then just throw it blindly into the crowd so the other people can just toss it back and forth like a beach ball just to see who it lands on. no one likes getting pooped on hoodie on their clean hair (well, in most cases). i really wanted to find who ever's hoodie it was and use it as a noose to hang them from the rafters i was getting so annoyed. death by hoodie, you deserve it emoscenepunkfag from 10th grade.
then there was the dyke. as marissa said "there is a dyke next to me that smells like shit" and she smells even better as she is stabbing her 300 pound etnies sneakered foot onto your pinkie toe and shoving all of that weight into your body. then she smoked and lifted her armpit into marissa's face. i think that was the final straw. i wanted to punch her smelly mohawked head into the cigarette on the floor she so rudely was smoking.
then the 13 year old girls who looked like they were on their way to club zoo, not the used concert.
and then we had enough of the lesbian mammoth and the stoned 10th graders, so we went to the little bar where you could get water and whatnot. marissa handed the barlady a 5 and then she fell over. hitting her head on the ground. with an extremely loud thud. some scary man wearing one of those Lamb of God type shirts with the long ass blonde hair came over and asked if she was ok. what the fuck dude, she just passed out, i'm pretty sure she's far from ok. and i guess he was trying to be nice but he became a stalker after that point. we got some ice and there were like 3o people crowded around her screaming her name and helping. everyone was nice. then we walked outside and so did LOG man. he smoked and stood next to us as we had a mental break down. marissa couldn't remember anything from that day. so freaked out i tried desperately to call and text the girls we were with, but it was futile. the were too into the used, i guess. and they met them afterwards. holy shiz, right? then i stood and sat with marissa after i punched my way through the brick wall that was a crowd to try to find julie and nadine. again, futile. so we sat in the back, so did LOG. then i called uge because no one with a car on campus answered their phones and he was going to come get us to take us to the hospital but amber answered her phone so she and diana came to get us and we went to mercy.

mercy nurses are rude. they told marissa to stop crying. clearly, no. then we sat around for awhile. marissa's grandparents came and i loved her grandpa he goes "you'd think there would be more people here on a friday night" (like it was a club or something) and i was like "it's tuesday" and he goes "oh man, maybe i'm the one that has amnesia" it was funny.
but she's ok. thank god cause i've never gone through anything like this before. i was ahhhhfreakinout.
ok that was lame. but we're all good now.
sorry for the length of this blog and if you got all the way through you should get some kind of award.

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