Wednesday, May 6, 2009

taking a look but you never buy

thank you, nan, for making it near impossible for me to drink my tea sans milk anymore.
i used to have about 5 untainted mugs of green tea a day and now i must put copious amounts of milk in it.
nan is a window shopper, whom i became obsessed with via lily allen.
actually, i'm just obsessed with lily allen. i only have her first cd and i've never heard any of her new songs, but i just love it.
anyway, nan likes his tea milky. so me being the type of person i am, i was like "i'll drink some silk in my milk" and now i can't have it any other way.
i'm not sure if you knew i only drink silk.
not because i'm lactose intolerant or anything or that i gave a poop if we tortured cows for milk, i just like the way it tastes so much better. that's lame but i don't drink regular milk now.

what is this?
sorry. i am choosing to sit in the house all day. i'd like to not get interrupted. my dream would be to have the whole apartment to myself just for one day not having to go to class or go to meet someone or run around. just to do nothing, alone.
no one else feels this way. everyone likes to be with people. i don't always. i'm so A.S it's insane.

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  1. OMG ME TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO maybe thats why we're biffs