Thursday, May 28, 2009

there is an old cliche under your monet

so i look online and i see that i have 5 cds waiting for me at the library. i walk down there and i go up to where he cds/movies are. the hot boy is working the desk and i like to have a little more to work with when i go up there than "i have some cd's on hold" so i go over to the movie rack. there is a man in a red windbreaker standing there looking at the e's and f's. so i look at the a's. i can feel him staring at me and i don't know why. so i walk around to the other side to look at the w's. he goes and stands at the end of the row, about two feet away from me and i felt him staring at me again. so i have my headphones on and i faintly hear "do you like foreign movies" i look up and he's staring at me so i say "what?" and he repeats it. in my head i'm like yeah. but i'm holding a moive about a man who impersonates stanley kubrick and i'm picking up weird science with my other hand. so at a first glance, i'd assume i didn't like foreign movies. so i say "i guess" and he goes "are you doing anything on saturday?" and i say "yes, i'm working" and he goes "oh, i was going to see if you wanted to go to a club with me". and i kind of just stood there in shock. and then he goes "oh, i guess your boyfriend wouldn't like that too much". and i said "yeahh". and then i awkwardly put my headphone back in and he walked away.
mucho awk/embarrassing. and there were like ten people around staring at me. i was red. only retarded men ever like me.

annnd this boy at work told me that my favorite sunglasses looked like a pedophiles. what gives.
and now ash is bitching at me about picking her up. honestly i'd just like to be alone.


  1. oh my gosh..that is the FUNNIEST THING EVER!!! honestly, what kind of a pick up line is that? and then ask you to a club? foreign movies and clubs do not match.

  2. this is probably one of my top ten fav blog entrie of all time