Monday, June 1, 2009

and then you played that song. it was 1000 seconds long.

oh, hey. i'm 21.

i do feel different. i can't explain it. it might be the fact that in my new license picture i look like an asian pumpkin that was painted white to look like a ghost. and that i had to pay 30 dollars aka half of the money in my account right now, why didn't anyone warn me of this fee? it might also be the fact that my family will stop annoying me about drinking. and i won't get dirty looks from my mom when i drink at weddings...or mostly that i feel like i'm on chapter 17 now.

for lack of words, on saturday we had a mini party. but i enjoyed it. apparently ash thought i was drunk. i told her not to come, but does she listen to me? no. i got a unicorn cake. and then i passed out around 12:30...and a lot happened when i was sleeping, apparently. it feels a lot like when denise, eric, vince, and i went camping...minus the drinking. then i woke up exactly in time to call off work aka 7:45. and they didn't care. i bet they were happy. why, then, can i not get off for marissa's wedding. i'll never understand. anyway. then we drove home and i layed on the couch all day eating dohreets and cheetos and lasagna. then i found this show called "deadliest warrior" which trumped any other activity. oh my dad and i went looking for slr's... cross your fingers we find one soon. and then i felt no need to go to the tiki bar or outback like we planned and vince denise and i just had a "bone fire" in vince's backyard. it was probably the lamest 21st birthday ever because i didn't even have one drink. but i guess that's what the rest of my life is for, eh? i'll look back and think that it was a bad idea, but i don't care.

i hate birthday's more than i hate being fat. honestly. i've never liked them and i really wish that i could just skip that whole part of the year. i hate getting presents and i reallllly hate people singing to me and blowing out candles. but i'm very good at that and i can get them all in about 1 second, maybe less. haha, no. but really. i can't wait til i'm like 36 and no one even remembers it's your birthday. haha i'm so lame and creep. everyone thinks i'm crazy for this...but whatevs.

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