Thursday, June 11, 2009

and your smile changed just like a hurricane.

I've been longing for the weekend
Did you see me in the back alley light?
And you don't know that things haven't been easy.
It's almost time now for you to see me.
Are you out tonight?

so today was so horribly horrible i don't really even feel like explaining it. i mean it really wasn't that bad cause all i did was sit around watching he's just not that into you. so i went to get my car looked at so i could get an estimate... i called dominic's insurance agency to see where i was allowed to take my car to get fixed. my dad talked to her earlier and she said this one place was a 1.7 miles away from my house. so my dad looked it up and it was 20 minutes away. i didn't care but my dad told me to call the agent back so she could find some place closer. so i did and i told her it was like 15 miles away and shes goes "it's 1.7 miles away" and i said i just looked it up on the internet and on my gps" then she goes off about how she already put it into the system. so i got a 'tude.
but i went to this place anyway. unfortunately for me i put child st. in the gps instead of childs st. so i drove all the way up 51 instead of driving down 8. for the non-burgers, i drove an hour and 45 minutes out of the way in the wrong direction. someone hates me.
i ended up just going to my grams and i'm here now.

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