Thursday, June 18, 2009

don't you come up to me and say "i like it"

so i think that this album is the best album of the year, well 2007. but i just found it so technically it's this year:

anyway. last night i went to see 17 again for 99 cents. the sound cut off in the middle but, oh my, zac efron walking out of that car on his second day of school. i thought i was going to die. i love that movie now. so i drive jacqui home. i drive alex home. i get to my apt i walk down the hill...i realize that my keys are still on my shoes from when i went for a walk earlier that day. my shoes are sitting under my coffee table. in my apartment. it starts pouring down rain so i run back up the hill to my car and drive to my grams. on my way there i see a car accident happen. then i get a third of the way to my grams and there is a really big accident taking up both lanes on both sides. so i had to turn around and go a differnet way through the pouring rain and lightening. my two favorite things to drive in.

then i called ross this morning to let me in and he said that he could be there at 10:15. so i had to rush over here but the turn to get to 5th ave was still blocked off from the storm last night. so i had to go to the unknown land of penn hills or something. and i called him at like 10:11 and said that i prob wouldn't make it so he told me to come back at 12. well there was way too much traffic on the way back to my grams because they all had to turn around since they couldn't go down 5th ave. so i arrive at my apt at 10:17. 10:17. i can't get into my apartment so i have to sit in my car until 12. i started to walk to the lib but it started raining and i was sans umbrella so i walked back to my car and read things fall apart for two hours (by the way, that book is good).

all in all, my life sucks.

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