Thursday, June 25, 2009

i cannot hide the tear in my eye from the night we never had.

"Why am I alone? Why am I unhappy? Why have i gained 20 pounds?"
"the second you hear that just run to the store and get yourself some ribs and ice cream cause you've been dumped"

yes, i'm watching it again. i think the fat black lady saying the second quote is my favorite.

this has been a tragic day. i watched my my late elementary school/middle school life flush down the toilet today. michael jackson is dead. he died. i just never thought that would happen. like how did this happen. he was only 50. i can't even take it. i bet i won't be able to sleep tonight. AND taylor hanson is not in hanson anymore. he's in another band called tinted mirrors or something. of course i like the song, but how can you leave your brothers? your BAND?

"my trampy little sister says myspace is the new bootay call"

anyway so i went out to geagle and i bought two boxes of pretzel nuggets and a whole bottle of honey mustard and i am now nursing my wounds with them and he's just not that into you. "hehe"

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