Sunday, June 14, 2009

i kinda always knew i'd end up your ex-girlfriend.

so for some reason i felt it was a good idea to take a nap at 8 p.m. now i'm just sitting in the extreme darkness of my apartment and i can't even see the keyboard. but i find this necessary. some girl barfed right out front of the zoo and i watched it happen. too much pepto. it was pink.

well after last night i just have the urge to relive 1998 again. all of it's glory. the weather here has been amazing. let's hope it holds out so i can get my tan. i told this boy at work that i'd be tan when i got there tomorrow. no such luck. i laid outside for two hours today and i don't think i'm even a shade darker. i need the beach is what i need. myrtle point, look out. i want more than anything for them to call me off on friday so i can get home early.

i'm also getting sick for some reason. why? it's the summer. but i'm attempting to sing and it's coming out all froggy. it must be these random allergies that i don't have.

oh so the irony of my away message. my dream. i don't even know. it was a mixture of d and b. with a new haircut, gelled like b. d almost started a fight because of me. and there were a lot of secret passage ways. humm. i woke up laughing.

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