Sunday, June 7, 2009

i try to tell myself at night when your dusty old pictures are out of sight

that everything will be alright.
don't come closer morning light.

so i'm watching he's just not that into you, and despite what everyone says about this movie, i find it amazing. honestly, i can't stand when stupid hippie movie reviewers try to pretend that movies like this were made for their cinematic value. all they wanted was to make lame girls happy about their lives, maybe get a little cry in at the end, and ultimately for us to hope that life really is like that. people don't make these movies to win academy awards or anything like that. film fests are not the goal. people just annoy me. i typed in "get yourself some ribs and ice cream because you've just been dumped" into google and the first thing was this horrible review about this wonderful movie. i just wanted to shove her words some gross place. i find this movie hilarious, realistic, and while slightly over-dramatic, unbearably perfect.

this hole i dug is getting deep.
my plastic window is ripping and now is flappin' away in the wind when i try to drive. but whatever. i'm on the ground and i keep getting beaten. i just made a mess that seems impossible to clean up. honestly. sorry about the dramatics in every post, but i am.

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