Sunday, June 7, 2009

i've been standing outside your door. at least it's something.

this is why my life sucks. just note the not-even-too-bad damage done by our young speeder.

awww, baby. it's like a metaphor for my life.

scene of the accident. they didn't even pick up the glass. this was like three days later.

plastic wrap window--classy.

so i know that all i do is complain about how shitty my life is, and i'm well aware that there are women getting raped in africa and starving children in india, but i'm not them, now am i. no i only know about myself and you can skip this blog if you so choose.

but really. this has been the week from hell. and i was honestly ok with it...until i stepped on the scale. like i said, never get in an accident. all of the stress really makes you pack on the pounds.

i looked at my schedule and i work every freaking day this week except wednesday and friday. i know i i know people work everyday. but you like your job. my job is the job from hell. and to make it worse, all of this shit is going down and not like i'm getting blamed for it, but there is a black cloud floating over everything and i feel like i'm sitting on a rubber band or something, waiting for someone to snap. all i want is to quit but i feel like if i even mention it someone will break out the guillotine and then regret it later because they just feel a little bad. who knows.

then my parents came up this weekend. and clearly i didn't enjoy that.

i was hoping to maybe go to the river concert on friday the 20th...does anyone want to go? i was hoping, also, to go home earlier in that week but i'm working ALLLL week. what is up with that. you give me like 2 hours a week for two months and now i'm like a full-time employee. you hate me, zoo. did you forget that. constant fuck show.

then if i get one more phone call from a goddamn insurance agent i will hit someone. all of these "phonecalls i'd rather not receive" keep haunting me. team 20, let's go. i wanted to call dominic (the boy that hit me) and tell him to get his ass over to my grams house to clean the glass out of my car. my uncle seems to think that the auto place will clean it when they fix it. but man, i have to drive that shit around.

and i'm really worried that the damage to the car will be more than it's worth and they're just going to give me a check for how much the car is worth and then i'll never get the rav again. just the thought of driving something other than the rav is terrifying. and the odds that i'll get a nice car is slim to none.

i just really don't understand because i was doing the right thing. i always am. and i get hit with the shit stick. fucking dominic should be calling all of my insurance agents to get this shit straightened out. my god. i hate you, boy. i really have never hated that many people.

and it just keeps getting poured on like melted butter. i'm just waiting to see how tomorrow turns out. i'd like to hibernate all summer. all my life bettter yet.

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  1. yeah...that is not the best week ever. but at least you didnt get those hives you saw. glad that helped a little. and uh...i have a calc test. so at least you dont have school work. and youre going to make that money you want so just think about that