Tuesday, June 30, 2009

oh oh oh how was i supposed to know that you were oh oh over me?

so today has been filled with 16 and pregnant. really makes me want to have a baby. my 6 children :holden, liam, wyatt, iola and sadie or darcy. and one more. i need a new boy name. this will never happen. apparently pushing your baby out is a lot like pushing your poop out. this girl's doctor just told her that.
i attract the strangest people
i would REALLY just like someone normal, thanks.
just the thought of going to class tomorrow makes me sick. i woke up at 7 this morning with the worst sinus headache ever.
i've just been in the mood to be with certain people. and people i can't be with. not the people i am or can be with.
i'm so effing excited for harry potter and then aug. holla. i hope july goes by super fast.
marissa is getting married this weekend and i will be collecting money. hopefully they won't miscount again and tell me that my drawer is 300 dollars short when it is in fact not short at all.


  1. i know, im sorry we live so far apart lol

  2. i like how you think i was talking about you....hahaha