Thursday, June 11, 2009

watch you on the ones & twos.

so my apartment smells bad. there are people coming to look at it in 20 minutes. ok, first off, who thought it would be a good idea to show an apartment at 9 in the morning? ross does.
it felt sort of nice to actually do something last night. i got my first beer. well my first legal drink that i paid for in an establishment. if we're getting specific.

but i was thinking the other day that i haven't met anyone i really like in a long time. i mean i don't hate the people i've met or anything, i just honestly don't like most of them. that might be mean. it might also be my new outlook on life aka a misanthropic one. i just really like being alone. jamie asked me last night how i could stand being alone. i'm not sure. i just really like it. i don't like being alone at night so if i get lonely at night i just go over to my grams. but i love more than anything to be alone all day.

oh geeze.
i'm starting to hate summer. i wish that i could be in smc so i could see my peeps. but then i start to think... is it possible to live with my parents for 4 months. and then i realize that i usually want to kill myself within the first 10 minutes of walking in the door. i don't know why i just hate being home. it was bearable when jamie stayed with us that week. now i just realized that i can't even come home until friday the 19th. not that i don't love a good 6 hour drive for one day, it's just getting old. words of wisdom: never go to school more than 3 hours away from your house.
it just makes things complicated.

i'm texting denise and telling her that she should be glad she never annoys me or else she'd feel the wrath. because i feel like i can be a really big bitch sometimes. hahah. but you know, some people are stupid, lying assholes and i can't really help being mean to them. i'm starting to realize that i'm one of those people that if you piss me off one time, like do something really big, then i'll never be nice to you again. now this has only happened with three people. some other people that i'm mean to are just hate shrapnel. or something of the like.

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  1. ahah hilarious. and im so excited i got mentioned woohooooooooooooo