Monday, June 22, 2009

you don't have the sense to tie your tangled tongue

so last night in one word was "amazing". ash had a panic attack and i had to protect her from these drunk guys. i feel like i almost started a fight and i was basically in the mosh pit. not really in it, but like on the side. i got a lot of aggression out that night. we were droppin' like flies cause ash went like half a song into tbs cause she was freaking out then denise and vince left cause denise's ankle was acting up. so i was left alone to fight the crowd to find kristin. i did and we just jumped our way to the front. where this drunk man tried to lift me over the crowd and then held his hand on my butt for a few minutes and when he finally realized what he was doing (even though i kept moving it off me) he said "oh i think my hand is on your phone"... then kristin found me and he started talking to her so i was relieved. but tbs i can't even get over it. i was like three people away from adam and, not that i could see him, but we were basically breathing the same air.

oh and i got a new phone. amazing. it's the enV touch. i likkkee it a lot. a lot, a lot, in the words of mr. denny.

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