Friday, July 17, 2009

elephant shell; you're my cave and i've been hiding out.

i really become way too attached to CD's. elephant shell is amazing. you should listen. i don't have anything to say but "but still don't fade, i'll be back again when the tide is in someday". ok but really all i would like to say no one wants to other words what i always complain about. i'm still annoyed i don't have work this weekend.

i'm just getting blamed for everything again and i have to put up with all of this shit. i wish i was like 13 so it would make sense to emancipate myself. god, how nice. it's not like my parents are funneling money into my wallet anymore. my dad is still stoked about getting me that camera that i'm never going to get.

i'm pretty sure Bret Easton Ellis is my favorite author. granted he is graphic, but who doesn't love a murderer?

i'm not even excited to go home anymore. i just want to move into my apartment but i feel like i need to spend some quality friend time with some peeps. i just realized that there are only two people in the entire world that i would willingly call to have a conversation with. all other people equal torture even if they're like my bif. who ever invented texting is the savior to my awkward world.

i'm talking to laura about growing up... i think i'm going to get married to my lover and we'll have 6 ugly kids and live off his minimum wage salary. sounds plausible, no?

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  1. am i one of the 2 pps!? prob not :(