Wednesday, July 22, 2009

i spend my coldest nights alone and thinking of the weekend we were in love

i feel as though i have several things to say.

1. my grandma has less food in her house than a poor mehecaan in Chiapas.
2. i hope they serve beer in hell is an extremely addicting book. the only problem is after he has sex with a girl i keep assuming he's going to mutilate her in some way, you know, chainsaw, power drill, nail gun like the main character in american psycho would do. my life is so completely tainted now. you'd also think that a book completely devoted to tucker max's stories of getting drunk and having sex would tire after awhile. wrong. completely wrong.
3. i'm not even going to say it. (you know, i can't wait until august and i'm sick of babies)
4. i woke up to alex hysterically laughing in her sleep this morning. i'd just assume that this family has problems with their sleep.
5. i only have three days of work left. i was actually not aware that i was supposed to work yesterday. strange, no?

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