Sunday, July 5, 2009

like mountains in the midwest.

so let me know if you're able to read this. i had to make it private because i talked about my professor in two of my blogs and now when you google search his name, my blog is the second result that pops up. so i'm sure this is really embarrassing, oh it is. i told this kid at work and he laughed and said that it'll be on the internet for a long time so that's why it's private. hopefully i did some damage control. most likely not. i do feel bad for the random people that read this. i mean, i got peeps from south africa and belgium and whatnot. no more, man.

work sucked. fireworks were surprisingly nice. i'm obsessed with owl city again cause this girl put one of their songs on her myspace profile, so here i go again. get ready for several quotes.

oh and i really hate when people won't help you just cause they're assholes. i mean...why? i need help, give it to me. the world won't end because you're nice for two seconds when you're not in the mood to be. i don't give a shit if your life sucks. oh, sorry.

econ will be the death of me. i'm so ready for august i'm pretty sure it's impossible to understand. like i've never wanted anything so badly in my entire life. i just want to lay in the sun for 6 days straight. and i might legit put my two weeks in so i can quit by the end of the month. i make no money, i hate it, it's pointless. you think you like something and then it sucks.

oh and i decided 6 is the worst number in the world. plateau, deficit, and awkward night. so i wish counting was 1,2,3,4,5,7,8. yeah, thanks. that works.

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