Tuesday, July 28, 2009

[ love mess but i hate you]

i've decided that you can only listen to rent if you're alone and you can belt it out. my grandma has an entire jungle worth of bugs in her house right now. i've been studying for so long and i don't care i'm going to fail my class.
i just talked to ramon about my phone issues. he makes me laugh. and he told me he found found my blog, so here's your shout out if you ever read it again.

but really. it is an african safari in this house. i keep looking over my shoulder thinking there would be lions. i'm also pretty sure that every male human being is getting on my nerves toady. i really hate people who think they are better than everyone. gah. i have no life to talk about these things that don't matter.

i wish i could have things to talk about anymore but all i do all day is sit around my grams house and sweat and eat. eat and sweat. you think that the calories would balance themselves, but they don't. i've gained 8 pounds since i've been here. i'm so glad i'm going to the beach in two weeks. i don't even care about anything anymore. work is over. class is almost over and then i'm done with responsibility for a month. august will hopefully be some glimmer of a summer. i doubt it though cause i'll be at home with my parents. my mom is here right now but i'm not sure why. aug 3 cannot come soon enough. neither can aug 1st when i move in.
i'm just not going to write until i can think of something interesting to talk about.

someone needs to actually get on my nerves. cause i love all the people who are annoying me right now.

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  1. Anonymous12:55 AM

    haha yay a shout out!!...and btw...i freaking LOVE RENT!!!!! its one of my fave musicals and the songs are good. haha. i used to watch rent with peeps every time we got drunk freshman year...or at least try to.