Monday, July 20, 2009

now that you're all grown up i know a shortcut back.

you know that feeling when you finish a book that's more of a sigh of relief than anything? you're done with the book and you felt that the ending fit the rest of the book, not leaving anything to the imagination. i'm probably going to contradict myself when i say i'd rather read a book than watch a movie so i can imagine it how i want it, but i don't like when at the end of the book i'm still left wondering what happened to patrick bateman. he was almost (although somewhat disappointingly) about to have some type of epiphany, but he never did i'm going to assume because he talked about killing more people. i really can't stand when characters have these "happy endings" since that doesn't happen in real life. so, ok, he was getting questioned by a private investigator about killing paul owen. what happened to this guy? like i feel that the book was so long bret easton ellis forgot to write about these things. i don't read a book for it's literary value, i read it for the story and the characters. i don't know where i'm going with this. just don't read the book, is probably what i'm saying. this is my warning even though i don't want to spoil it. it's really really graphic. but i just love the way the author writes, like having a conversation with himself. nothing really happens, which i surprisingly (or maybe not) enjoy. he just goes out to dinner, kills someone, goes to lunch, goes to dinner, picks up an escort or two, kills them, then talks about shopping.
who knows why i'm writing about it.

all i want is my new apartment. i don't want to go home anymore. (well, i do but not my house) all i want to do is have 3,000 and go spend it at target. i'm going to try to be responsible and save my security deposit that i just got back. it's hard. but i know i have to pay marissa back for our new apartment security deposit and i have to pay the rent for aug. so together that's only 474. but still, i should not spend that. i'm just kanye, it's insane.

and i'm still dealing with the whole accident thing. i only have two days of work left and about two weeks of living at grandmas. which is a good thing i'm coming to realize.

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