Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the word on the street is that you've got a weakness.

i have this pet peeve of people driving with their hand out the window. yet i do it every time i drive and i love it.

the bandly obsession of the week would be: tokyo police club.

i've eaten almost an entire bag of skittles myself.

i just bought american pyscho. i'm sort of excited to read it. i liked the movie a lot and the same guy wrote it that wrote the rules of attraction. i just finished this book called the pink institution and it was good because it was 134 pages, small pages, and it was all spaced out and hardly any of the pages were completely filled out. my kind of book.

it was so good. well there are a lot of things that i didn't like about it. i'm not going to lie, but other than the end and the beginning and that random scene with the burrow and the death eaters...humm i guess there won't be a wedding in the 7th moive then. ron is so amazing. i just can't get over it. i'll have to see it again to like it i think. i mean, don't get me wrong it was AMAZING and i guess movies are never as good as the book it was just too long and they missed stuff like they always do. i'm going to direct the next two movies, then they'll be amazing. close-ups of ron. and the whole ron and hermione thing: love. they basically tell you what side snape is on. but whatev's.

my chest is burned like a tomato. and i look like a freak. and i really wish i didn't eat all of those skittles.


  1. of course you're seeing it again! you and ashleigh are going to see it in imax with me!!!

  2. Anonymous4:22 PM

    just soooooo u knooooow......which im sure u did....rupert grint had swine flu. mild case of it and is recovered. annnnnnd HI, im being a stalker and decided to read your blog haha.