Sunday, July 12, 2009

you've been famous since your birth.

who ever said that it was impossible to transfer a photon from earth into a black hole via a small plastic tube has never tried econ. i'm at a loss for how dumb i am. and apparently imagination is not held as highly as it once was. everyone in my family is by the book scientist. like let's pretend we're 30 million years in the future. "we won't be around in 30 million years", though. kill me. and also there is no way that on the other side of a black hole is a white hole that pushes the matter that has been sucked into a black hole out of the white hole, even though we've never see the other side of a black hole nor have any idea if white holes exist. i prefer science fiction to reality. it's so much more exciting thinking about what we can never have. i gave the argument that i bet in the caveman ages they couldn't even think of electricity so why couldn't 30 million years from now we have the ability to transfer someone or something into a black hole and cover them with a special coating and they will be able to make it through the black hole without breaking into protons and then sub-atomic particles. by the way, no one knows what's after these sub-atomic particles. why not a particle that is able to survive a black hole? god, why can't we dream.

i'll just talk about it.

anyway that was lame. we just had an argument about this. alex and i are clearly dreamers. she wants to shoot fire into a black hole and have it come out in the dinosaur ages and have the whole world be set on fire cause no one would be there to put it out.

clearly we're writing a book. it'll be like the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy but a million times better cause that book sucked.
oh well.
econ sucks.
i'm starting to like work as the days i have left are dwindling. except everyone thinks i'm a creepy stalker, which i am, but i wanted to keep that on the down low. hahah oh "hehe" geeh.

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  1. i second this argument! it always ticks me off when they say that there could never be any other life on a planet since there's no oxygen or water. what if they don't need it?!?

    ps-you're 2 hours and 7 minutes from seeing hp6..i'm uber-jealous.