Monday, August 3, 2009

catch me up on getting out of here.

i feel like i got a lot accomplished today. i woke up, ate breakfast, went through 1/5th of my clothes, packed all of my clothes, packed my car for round 2 and cleaned most of the basement. and it's not even 12 yet. i've already moved all of the big stuff into my new apartment.
let's talk about this apartment for a second though:
you walk in and your nostrils get burned by the sent of natural gas coming from the stove because the pilot light was out. it was eventually re-lit by my uncle, yet the smell continued. there is a saw blade sitting on the kitchen counter. there is no air conditioning, our bathtub and toilet are what i can only assume were a nice light blue color, but now have faded into more of a lilac color. our neighbors are another story. at my new apartment we have a porch deck that is connected to our neighbors porch deck as well as all of the other apartments through a fire-escape (at least i know if my oven catches on fire, i'll be able to escape). ok, so on MY part of the deck, i saw at least 3 little black girls looking into my window. and on friday when i got my key and went to show my mom there was a loud crying coming from next door. awesome. a 50 year old mom and her 25 year old daughter live underneath us. so if we ever planned on having a party (which i know we didn't) then it will be difficult. so there is a house next to our apartment building. cool, whatever. no. they're hippies of some sort with about 8 of the largest cats you've ever seen in your life who get into screeching fights. and to top it all off, they spent the entire time i was moving in yesterday picking random things out of their backyard. humm. this will be an interesting year. and the street is a giant pothole in itself.

i think when i move more stuff over there today i'll take pictures of the inside so you can see the whole thing.

but on a non-apartment note: i think that there is a certain type of person that is attracted to me and i always end up hating them. hate is clearly a 4 letter word. well maybe not "hate" but "annoyance". other than that, i always attract creepy people. and the creepy people that i attract that i want to be friends with are impossible to find. hurrm.
i'm going home tomorrow. i had a doctors appt today so i had to stay an extra day. my mom was here all week and she and ash just left yesterday.
my gram and uge are so excited for us to leave.
please someone explain why i've stopped listening to demi lovato and have moved on to ashlee simpson? i need to be slapped for my music choice in the past two weeks. no...i love demi lovato. it's all good. and the new panic song which everyone needs to listen to even though i bet no one even likes them anymore except me cause it's all "shitty emo music".

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